A Funny Squeaking Sound

Okay. . . so I wish I could find something to write about other than exercise. This morning there were 25 people there at 5 am. Holy Smokes! One lady said to me, “I didn’t know that there were this many idiots that got up this early to exercise.” I laughed. Our class started back in November with 6-7 of us who came from another gym. And it stayed just the few of us for a couple of months. The first of the year brought about all those who made New Year’s Resolutions to “get in shape.” I figured by March all the newbies would have quit already. . . realizing that 5 am is waaaaay to early to get up. But no, they just keep coming. I kinda like it. For all those who start the class that are already in shape, skinny enough and “just needed a little something extra” to do, there are one or two who are there like me. . . needing the exercise and willing to work hard and get it out of the way first thing in the morning.

I probably shouldn’t say this, at the risk of totally embarrassing myself, BUT. . . we were doing some weird elbow to knee thing while we are holding ourselves up on hands and feet (looked like we were going to do push-ups). . . anyway. . . I heard this little squeaking sound. I continued on and then realized that it was me! Rather, it was the sweat dripping off of me, combined with my extra fluff! Do you get the picture? It was disgusting!!!! I chuckled and then chose to slow down so it didn’t sound like I sat on a duck or something. I am laughing as I write this. Why am I posting this on my blog? I may take it off later. . . you’ll have to come back and see. Anyway. . . I know you love the image that conjures up in your mind.

I must say that I am thankful to be healthy enough to go and exercise each week. Once when our instructor closed the group in prayer, she thanked God for the ability to get up and exercise because so many cannot, the car that got us to the gym and the $3 for the class. I had never thought about all that before. It is a blessing to go and sweat and exercise and sometimes be humiliated by the exercises that are too hard to do. . . there are many not as fortunate as I am. Thank you God for getting me up, getting me there and allowing me the opportunity to take better care of this body you gave me!


5 Responses to “A Funny Squeaking Sound”

  1. tracycornett Says:

    You’ve always made me laugh. I love reading your blog! I really need to get to that class. I may try Friday! Seriously, do you nap? Man, I don’t know if I can make it!

  2. Hope Chism Says:

    Ok, my side is hurting I’m laughing so hard! when you said it sounded like you had sat on a duck…i lost it!:)

  3. heather34 Says:

    I just have to say that all I could think about when I read your title was the grandmother from Christmas Vacation, when the squirrel is in the tree.
    I know , weird!!

  4. Ashley Smith Says:

    You are so brave…

  5. cobblefamily Says:

    Bwahahahaha!!!! Oh, I wish we were neighbors!!!

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