Weeble Wobbles

Do you remember those little weeble wobbles that we played with as kids?  They just kind of roll around. . . sort of like the present day “Higglytown Heroes” (which I absolutely adore)!  Well, this morning in my 5 am exercise class I felt like one of those weeble wobbles or better yet, like a roly poly!  After an insane 25 minutes of stupid jumping cardio things, followed by walking lunges, followed by the the stupid cardio things, followed by squats – all repeated a MILLION times – anyway. . . after all that and a lot of sweat we did arms with weights and then had to finish up with abs.  You gotta love ab workouts.  I usually don’t mind too much.  But our instructor has this favorite one she likes us to do.  You hold a weight in your hands against your chest and you are suppose to SLOWLY lower yourself to the count of four, “tap your kidneys” (as she says) and then SLOWLY roll back up to a count of four.  Well, for all the skinny people who exercise with me this is no big deal. . . it even looks easy when they do it.  But for myself and maybe a few others, when I start to lower myself down, gravity takes over and I just roll on down – there is no four count to be had!  And if I am going to get back up, I have to exert myself and get up in one fail-swoop!  Therefore, I feel like a roly poly, just rocking down and back up.  With a few grunts and sighs along the way.  Now don’t get me wrong. . . my abs still get a workout (I think I have abs somewhere under my fluff). . . but my exercises just aren’t as controlled as everyone else.  Sometimes I almost laugh out loud at myself when I am exercising.  It has to look hysterical.  A friend asked me if I wanted to do yoga the other day.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I don’t think this girl is cut out for that quite yet.  I prefer to just continue rolling around on the gym floor!  🙂


5 Responses to “Weeble Wobbles”

  1. heather34 Says:

    did you say 5 AM workout class??

  2. waters71 Says:

    I think you should come stand next to me when you’re doing a class. You’ll look like a pro! 🙂 I always feel like the instructor at the Y in the Cardio Challenge class is just waiting for me to pass out. It doesn’t help that I always seem to be standing by someone who has to add extra stuff because the normal class just isn’t enough for her.

  3. Amy Lafayette Says:

    Yes Heather. 5 am sister!!

    And Susan, I am with ya about those that add the extra. . . whatever!!!

  4. cobblefamily Says:

    Have you ever had to run to the bathroom and throw up after the first 15 minutes of a workout? Yep, I’m that out of shape. Good times. Not embarrassing at all!!

  5. Julie Shaver Says:

    Girl, you are doin’ good to go to those 5am classes! Who cares what you look like while you’re doing it! I’m proud of you!!!! 🙂

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