Seven Things About Me

I was tagged by Angela to write seven things about myself that you may not know.  Here goes:

1.  Three of my dear friends in life are actually girls that I knew as a young child. . . and we have been “reunited” as friends in our adult mommy world!  Christy Puckett and I were in Mother’s Day Out Together from the age of 2.  We then went to school together from 4th-9th grade and were the BEST of friends.  And look at where we are now!  Amy Smithson and I share the same first name b/c our mothers were close friends and pregnant at the same time and both liked the name Amy.  Since my mom was living in Nashville and Amy S’s mom was living in another town, they decided it would be okay b/c we would never be around each other!  And look at where we are today!  And Tracy Brothers and I grew up as little girls going to FCA Camp every summer in Black Mountain, NC, where we stayed at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly.  And we didn’t see each other for years and were reunited about 7 years ago!  What a small world!

2.  I have had dinner at the home of Dr. James Dobson and his wife, Shirley.  In college I spent a semester at the newly formed Focus on the Family Insitute.  I was part of the second class (and we were pretty small).  We had a special dinner at their house and then went into the rec room for some “chat” time with the Dobsons.  It was a night I will NEVER forget.  If only I had access to Dr. Dobson now that I am a mom!!!!

3.  I sang on an album with Sandi Patty when I was 10.  Background vocals for “Purest Praise.” 

4.  As a teenager, I babysat for a family with four children(ages 4, 3 and twins 6 months – when I started with them).  I babysat every Saturday ALL day long.  Sometimes I had just two (the twins) and sometimes all of them.  I fantasized about being the mom of four children one day.  Until I had two of my own.  Then I decided that babysitting is WAAAAYY different than being a real mom.  And I am perfectly thrilled with my two precious angels!

5.  I am kind of a pack rat.  Before we moved I cleaned out tubs that contained boxes, each labeled with a different semester of college, containing EVERY piece of mail I got during that semester.  Unbelievable!  I found credit card bills and was astounded at the money I spent on those things during college.  And found some sweet letters and notes sent by family and friends.  I threw away a lot, but not everything.  After all, I will want to show my girls one day, won’t I? 

6.  Way before cell phones, I had a black patton purse in the shape of a phone.  There was an actual handset as the handle and the numbers on the front of the purse.  When you opened the purse, there was a place for you to run a phone cord to a jack in the wall and instantly have a working telephone.  It was the coolest thing ever!

7.  I absolutely LOVE the color hot pink, eating ice cream and my high school boyfriend, and now hubbie, Rick!  And yes, I love my kids. . . but we always say that and I wanted you to know how much I LOVE my husband!!! 

Okay. . . I tag Anna and Antonia!


4 Responses to “Seven Things About Me”

  1. Ashley Smith Says:

    I’m curious…in cleaning out your letters from college did you find one from an Ashley Lewis who just idolized you??? 🙂

  2. The Bargain Shopper Lady Says:

    Cute! Very cool about the Sandi Patty thing! I almost went to the Focus on The Family Institute but I couldn’t raise enough money and my parents could not afford it! I was so bummed but at least they accepted me!
    I am so glad you got to go!
    ~The Bargain Shopper Lady

  3. antonia Says:

    Aw man, you are actually gonna make me BLOG?! You know, I only do it once a quarter! I still have your paper from college…you know the one about winter 🙂

  4. rickamyl Says:

    Oh Lori – Thrilled to see you know who Sandi Patty is!!! I still love her music to this day! And the FOFI thing was AWESOME! I’m excited that you read my blog and commented. I love looking at yours. I go there everyday! And try to send others your way! And I am excited about your house! Especially how God worked out all the VERY specific details just for you all. He is so good like that!

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