Are You a Shlumpadinka?

Are you a shulmpadinka?  I just watched the first ten minutes of Oprah (which I rarely watch these days) and her topic for the day is “shlumpadinka makeovers.”  Well, there I sat on the couch in my black velour elastic waist MOM jogging suit.  Feeling like a total shlumpadinka.  I would post a pic of myself, but I am sure you can imagine what I look like b/c I have three of these great jogging suits that I wear all the time during the winter months.  LOL!  And I really look like a shlumpadinka in my clothes because I am a little, well, “fluffy” around the edges!  I really gotta work on that. 

I did so good last year. . . Weight Watchers, working out. . . losing weight.  Although I have continued the working out part (see previous post about me and the skinny instructor having to be partners), I have just have no self-control when it comes to what I eat.  And after Tracy’s post about gluttony (thanks for that one, Tracy). . . I guess I really need to get on the ball and start counting those WW points once again.  UUGGHHH!!!  Who wants to do that?  But it really is a necessary evil, I suppose.  So, if you have any GREAT Weight Watchers recipes to share, I’d love them.  And I am going to start posting some recipes of my own. . . although it will be food that I can only probably eat about 3 tablespooons of if I am going to count my WW points.  But they will be yummy and hopefully you and your family will enjoy them.  As for the Lafayette’s, it’s back to steamed broccoli and grilled chicken – OH WAIT!  We don’t have a grill – we live in an apartment!  aaagggghhhh!   I guess I can hike it over by the apt. pool and light up some charcoal and grill me some chicken.  What a dork!  Anyway. . . Spring is coming, followed by summer, which means all my cute skinny friends (which is ALL of you) will be looking adorable in your swimsuits while I actually “look” like a MOM in my shlumpadinka swimsuit.  🙂  The good news is that I am confident enough in who I am in Christ to know that how I look on the outside is not as important as how I look on the inside (thanks to my dad for instilling that important value in me)!   


13 Responses to “Are You a Shlumpadinka?”

  1. Mandy LeMay Says:

    You are beautiful Amy! I am probably a shlumpadinka too- whatever that is… if it has to do with comfy clothes- yeah, that’s me. Enjoying your blog- I feel like I am talking to you!

  2. JenS Says:

    Oh my goodness!! I was sitting on MY couch in MY warm up pants and tshirt KNOWING that I AM a slumpadinka!!!! I called Ashley Smith to tell her to watch the show and that I definitely fit the title!!! I was taking notes!!! I did well with the WW last fall but since Thanksgiving I have given in to every indulgence that I want!!! I have even been feeling so yucky lately and I know its bec I haven’t been exercising!! I have to start!!!! WHY is it so hard to do!!! John said he saw you at FBC one am EARLY! You go girl!!!
    Jen Steen

  3. carriehayes Says:

    you are sooo funny! i know that audrey has some great recipes that work well with WW! i am still laughing at this post!!!

  4. tracybrothers Says:

    You crack me up. Of course I am a PROUD schlumpadinka. Is it just me or didn’t it seem that not being a schlumpadinka had more to do with hair and makeup than what you’re wearing? I’m wearing yoga pants and a cute pink sweater right now but I’m pretty sure this no makeup, hair in a clip look keeps me in the schlumpadinka category. Maybe if I just shower. I don’t know. Anyway, you are one of the most beautiful people I know INSIDE and OUT!

  5. tracybrothers Says:

    By the way, I don’t do yoga, I just wear the pants. 🙂

  6. rickamyl Says:

    Thanks Tracy. And I don’t have any yoga pants. . . they fit too weird in all my “fluffy” areas!

  7. Your Hubby Says:

    I love my schlumpadinka! One suggestion….quit watching Oprah!

  8. rickamyl Says:

    I love you too, Rick! And I don’t watch Oprah very much. . . usually just when folding the laundry! Really!!!

  9. Julie Shaver Says:

    Have you ever used the Ziploc steam bags? I have not, but I saw Jillian on The Biggest Loser fix chicken in one and veggies in another (both microwaved, of course), and it looked good, easy, and nutritious! I bet they have info on The Biggest Loser website (through NBC).

  10. Julie Shaver Says:

    P.S. You are beautiful just as you are!!!! 🙂

  11. schellfamily Says:

    Amy, Amy, we LOVE reading your blog! You are so naturally funny. I wished I would have caught Oprah, I am sure I fall into the catagory of schlumpandinka too!

  12. Hope Chism Says:

    After MANY years of being a total “frou-frou” girl…sadly, i have succumbed to the shlumpadinka syndrome. I always promised myself I would never “let myself go” after having a baby but there is just something very freeing to me about not wearing makeup on my errands. I know many of you have spotted me in Glenbrook in full shlumpadinka mode but i honestly am enjoying it . I laughed so hard at Oprah yesterday and I love that word. I am trying really hard not to become a shlumpadinka addict but my baseball cap and “naked” face are very tempting these days! Oh and by the way Amy…i wouldn’t have you any other way!! We love our Amy!

  13. Sarah Underhill Says:

    I was watching Oprah too and SADLY was impressed with all the shlumpadinka’s outfits – BEFORE they were made over. I thought most of them looked pretty cute. Guess that says something about my state! LOL!

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