Hot Tamales

Not that anyone will care about this. . . but I just made my first homemade hot tamales.  Have you ever had a tamale?  They are a meat mixture covered in cornmeal and wrapped in a corn husk.  Sounds weird, but my grandmother used to make them.  I remember eating them as a kid at her house with chili.  I called her the other day and asked her for the recipe.  The recipe sounded disgusting.  I asked her if she was sure that was how she made them when I was little (she’s 81 now).  She laughed and said, “Of course.”  I have had the ingredients for a week, but no time to make them.  And let me tell you. . . they take some time!  It was pretty disgusting to make and Robin would die if I told her how I made them.  But I just took them off of the stove and tasted one.  Surprisingly, they tasted just like my grandmother’s!  And I made chili last night so it could sit for a day and the flavors could “meld” together before we ate it tonight.  So, dinner for us will be chili with hot tamales!!  Yum!  I forgot to send a “love note” to work with Rick today so maybe I will put a note by his bowl of chili tonight and say “You are my HOT TAMALE!”  Am I cheesy or what?? 


2 Responses to “Hot Tamales”

  1. carriehayes Says:

    woo hoo! ok i haven’t actually read your posts yet but wanted to say how excited i am! ok…back to reading! welcome to the blog world!

  2. antonia Says:

    I thought hot tamales were little red pieces of candy!!
    Love your blog and I’m looking forward to adding you into my daily blog inspiriation!!

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