My First Blog

Unbelievable!  I have created a blog.  I don’t really know what I am doing yet, but figured there is no better time than the present to get started.  I am looking forward to having this avenue to share my thoughts.  I am always wanting someone to “tell” when something funny happens, when God teaches me something or when I figure out something new.  Now I can share it with all of you.  Whoever YOU are!  Welcome to my blog.  Let the adventure begin. . .


2 Responses to “My First Blog”

  1. Sarah Underhill Says:

    HI AMY!!!! I’m the first to comment on your blog! I can’t wait to read, and you’ll love it when you get started! I told Leslie yall could come over for a tutorial/question session if you get stuck. I’d love to help! (Leslie gave me her link, and I got your link off of hers! LOL!) I’m excited!

  2. Karen Robinson Says:

    Is there some kind of home page here? I seem to be going in circles. I may have to come over for a blogging lesson. Hope I am not messing things up.

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